Finishing Platforms



An Underslung Platform or Finishing platform is a temporary or permanent access to the soffit of the deck allowing any assembly works in safe conditions. Usually it is designed as a steel truss system anchored to the upper deck or to the rails already designed for suspending this equipment’s.

Temporary Platforms has the aim of preparing the deck before the transferring to the DOT the bridge or finishing of the construction period. Usually, this equipment’s require bigger surfaces but less automated systems. For Permanent Platforms, the concept is opposite, less surface to work but more automated systems are required, to allow smooth and easy movement along the complete deck.

Rubrica Bridges prepares the solution based on your requirements, for temporary or permanent use, including possible combination with lifters, assuring that the platform is designed for the tasks requested.

Our structures are designed and checked according to European or American Standards, and manufacturing is performed always under certified welders and workshops. Other normative may be considered in the design under request.

Trials and load tests are implemented in permanent suspended carriages for transporting people according to regulations.

Rubrica helps you to build your bridge access.