Precast line beds



Short or long line beds for precast match-cast segments are molds capable to form segments of bridges in a specific sequence, using the previous formed segment to confirm the new one.

Our precast production lines allow one stage pouring, including standard segments, and pier segments (usually with diaphragms).

Thanks to Rubrica’s expertise in forming concrete, we are able to offer solutions according to your requirements, being very competitive in terms of work cycle, no matter the weight, length or complexity of the segments, we have solutions for you. Our team is able to supply all components of the lines, including the design of the movements and cycles, as well as to participate in the methodology development.

Our structures are designed and checked according to European or American Standards, and manufacturing is executed always under certified welders and workshops. Other normative may be considered in the design under request.

Trials are always required for assuring tolerances and finishing of the steel forms as well as to assure the kinematics.

Rubrica helps you to build your precast line bed.