Segment lifters



This equipment can be used or designed either as a segment lifter or as a gantry for stick built. The concept has been developed specifically for steel girders and concrete precast slabs, but the system could be adapted to any deck that requires lifting maneuvers.

Depending on site conditions, lifters can be fed from bottom (lifting from the ground, barge) or from the deck (rear feeding).

Lifters can be fitted with three kind of lifting systems:

–         Cable winches (mid to heavy loads, higher speed and easier operations)

–         Strand jacks (very heavy loads and high rise)

–         Hydraulic system (short lifting operations)

Rubrica Bridges can design the structure or equipment to fit with one or more methodologies; we have solutions for you no matter the complexity of the project.

Our structures are designed and checked according to European or American Standards, and manufacturing is performed always under certified welders and workshops.

Lifting equipment is able to be manufactured according EU or American standards (FEM or CMAA), but as a worldwide company, we adapt the calculation depending on the area where the equipment will be used.

Rubrica helps you to build your Bridge with lifters.