Underslung form travelers



Underslung Travelers are preferred choice when shorter cycle is required, working space on deck is limited and access on mid span is difficult. It´s main characteristic is the placement of all the structure underneath the deck, freeing the upper deck for any task required to appear on the upper deck (stay cable installations, rebar cages installation, and any other task).

This kind of equipment is often used as pier head supporting structure, eliminating the scaffold system and reducing significantly the timing of the construction process. This kind of solution is ad-hoc for every project, providing lifting structure design based on site inputs and the work schedule.

Underslung Travelers can achieve reduced working cycle, as the system has a higher grade of automation. Positioning and setting up is easier and less time consuming. It also gives access to previous segment soffit, allowing execution of the finishing works. These travelers have capability to come back to the pier, enabling an easy dismantling of the structure.

In addition, interior forming equipment can be designed for box girder sections, using a “floating concept” to assure the traveler transmits all the loads.

Rubrica Bridges is capable to design the structure or equipment to match your requirements, no matter the capacity, length, pier table procedure or geometry of the deck, we have solutions for you.

Our structures are designed and checked according to European or American Standards, and manufacturing is performed always under certified welders and workshops.

Rubrica helps you to build your bridge with Underslung travelers.